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Larry, the Sultan of BerriesAbout Us

We have been growing produce and berries for 30 years and are committed to continue improving our techniques.  Using what we have learned, we are sure you will notice the difference and will enjoy our goods as much as we do.

 Berries are our specialty, we raise several strawberry varieties available for "U-pick" from two patches that are rotated every three years.  We also offer other berries and produce. 

Typically our strawberry  season continues with red raspberries and black raspberries, both of wonderful flavor.  We also grow triple crown thornless blackberries of excellent flavor.   We grow aronia berries. This berry is very high in antioxidant content, very good to add to your juice drink.

In the vegetable garden we grow different watermelon varieties, crenshaw melons, green beans, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, kale and peppers.

Our orchard grows several varieties of apples and peaches from early season into late season for u-pick.

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Location :8740 92 HWY
Platte City, MO  64079



Call us before you come to confirm availability

816-582-3398.  We update our voicemail daily as fruit ripens.

Always call before you come!